New 3D Printing Event Ideas

New 3D Printing Event Ideas

April 21, 2017

by Norma Barr

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3D Printing Event Ideas

Improve your event presentation by including 3D printing

As the industry grows, DimensionAlley looks to provide Berlin with more 3D printing events to show the uses of this growing industry. This includes education courses and exposition.

However, our focus of today’s blog is how 3D printing can help you turn attention to your business or platform. For basic events and conventions, 3D printers and demonstrations can add a new more interesting dynamic to your presentation.

Event marketing

3D Printing can be used at a booth or stand to make your presentation more appealing by adding in a fascinating exhibit or “show-stopper” to garner more attention from attendees. Even today, many people have not actually seen a 3D printer in action.

Usually 3D printing marketing giveaways should be spontaneous in order to demonstrate the abilities and potential. This process is also more likely to resonate with the audience.

Away from the marketing table however, there remains plenty of uses for 3D Printing in the events space. Marketing leads to effective sales, but to get new customers introduced into the industry, it helps to offer a performance.

Event entertainment

3D Printing is a great form of entertainment and can also be used to create on-demand requests such as custom logos and items. It can also double as a helpful tool for printing items for the event. DimensionAlley used a similar technique for a “coconut shy” created using 3D printed Berlin style bears and 3D printed balls. Then, customers threw the balls attempting to knock the bears down. Following the game, corporate T-Shirts were awarded as prizes. This can act not only as an incentive for the attendees to interact with you, but also aids in brand exposure.

This technique also works well with educational workshops and small groups. It can serve as entertainment and education for your audience.

Knowledge transfer events

Even if you or your business do not print in-house, demos and workshops offer great opportunities to inform your customers and audience with everything form basic information to new updates for existing products. By offering these programs effectively and often, you increase your chances of having a lasting impact on customers. These events are great for attracting new customers, so it is very important that your content is received as welcoming and easy to grasp by your viewership.

Innovation projects by established companies

It is common practice for larger companies to sponsor innovation in local areas through means of grants or funding. These often take shape in various types of competition. This is a perfect opportunity to add another dimension of your presentation by including 3D printing in some capacity. 3D Printers are fascinating new industry which, to larger companies, offer a prospective investment opportunity. Therefore, by including them in competitions such as these, you or your business increase your interest and appeal.

3D Printing events offers many opportunities to grow your brand or business. By including printer demos, tutorials, or courses in various events, you increase chance to meet new customers and keep old ones coming back.

So to answer the question:
Is 3D printing ready for the events space?

Safe to say it’s a yes.

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